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ASU ESE Day Passport

ASU ESE Day Passport

ASU ESE Day Passport 2267 1700 ASU Center for Education Through eXploration

Arizona State University’s Earth and Space Exploration (ESE) Day is Saturday, November 13th from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific Time. This virtual event is so amazing, that it has its very own Passport to the Stars. Participate in three or more ESE Day presentations and enter to win cool prizes! Learn more about the Passport to the stars and your chance to win!

Complete Your Webb Passport and Win Prizes!

We invite you to get to know Webb and share in the excitement through Arizona State University’s Earth and Space Exploration Day. Register for this FREE Event here.

ESE Day Webb Passport

Attend any 3 ESE Day Webb presentations and submit your passport to win prizes.

ESE Day Passport to the Stars

Click the image to download or print your passport.


Here’s how it works:

1. Attend ESE Day and listen for Webb-related presentations.
2. Scan the QR code for each presentation with a smartphone camera.
3. Record the code word in your passport or on a piece of paper.
4. When you have at least 3 code words, scan the QR code on the back of the passport (also below) and complete the form with your code words no later than 11/30/2021 .
5. We’ll send you a special Webb poster and a NASA mystery prize.

Prizes will only be mailed to U.S. addresses.
*This opportunity is open to travelers in grades K-12

QR code to submit passport

Submit your passport by scanning this code.

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