Center for Education Through Exploration


Put our expertise to work for you. Having forged our own path to excellence, we know what it takes to deliver top-tier digital education at scale. Let our team of experts help you reach your goals.


The ETX Center can serve as the lead designers for the creation of new adaptive digital learning experiences. We will employ our distinctive style of education through exploration to realize your vision. This could include building a new learning experience completely from scratch, transforming an existing in-person or online experience, or leveraging an existing asset such as a computer simulation or visualization.


Need a little guidance? Whatever your project is, our team of digital education experts can provide perspective and insight to overcome challenges and get you moving forward. Have something else in mind? Let us know how we can help.


The ETX center is a leader in exploration-based digital learning. We can train your large or small group on how to think in terms of adaptive and exploration-based digital learning design. Trainings include a theoretical overview, learning how to use the adaptive learning environment, and opportunities for hand-on practice.
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