Center for Education Through Exploration

Flagship Projects

Education Through Exploration means that learning should be highly active and that it should be more akin to the real processes of science. The goal of the ETX Center is to create digital learning experiences that fulfill that vision. Read on to learn more about some of our current projects: Infiniscope, the Inspark Network, Inspark OER, Polar Explorer, NASA SCoPE and Virtual Field Trips.
An ambitious project to create ETX-style, NGSS-aligned digital learning experiences related to NASA science and at the same time to create a nationwide digital teaching network to train and promote the skills that educators need to make the best use of these resources.
Inspark logo
Next-generation courseware that replaces traditional textbooks with online labs, lessons, simulations, and projects that promote active and personalized learning.
Inspark OER Tools are customizable digital resources enabling active learning that fosters essential skills, portable across disciplines. They are supported with ready-to-use assignments, guides, and quality, existing OER materials.
Arizona State University (ASU) & Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have partnered to develop general chemistry courseware designed to achieve the highest standards of student success with a grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Virtual Field Trips
ETX and ASU are one of the world leaders in bringing important geologic, ecological, and historical field sites online in ways that are both interactive and immersive while still being browser-accessible.
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